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The American Wine Society

There’s always more to learn about wine

We are passionate wine explorers—both beginner and expert—who believe wine discovery is a fun and lifelong adventure that should be shared. Our 8,000 members are largely wine consumers, but also amateur and professional winemakers; chefs, restaurateurs and foodies; educators and students; journalists; wine suppliers and wineries.

We quench our thirst for wine knowledge through local tastings—there are 180 AWS chapters across the United States, and through regional and national wine events and formal training and wine courses. Each event is an opportunity to make new friends, share a glass of wine and learn about the history, culture and traditions involved in making and drinking wine.

Discover more about what is in your glass.

A history of sharing wine knowledge

The first American Wine Society meeting took place in Western New York at the vineyard of Dr. Konstantin Frank on Keuka Lake near Hammondsport on October 7, 1967. The inaugural meeting included 200 grape growers, home winemakers, and wine lovers. As AWS grew, the emphasis evolved to a shared vision of appreciating wine from across the globe and learning more about it.

Winemakers are integral to AWS

Most early members of the Society were winemakers, and the American Wine Society continues to value this key segment of our membership. Even today, 30 percent of the members are amateur winemakers—a fact we take great pride in mentioning. Some of our amateur winemakers go on to commercial winemaking.

        “Wine-growing and wine-drinking are attached at the roots to the most widespread and longest-lived civilizations the earth has known.”
          – Hugh Johnson, author of the World Atlas of Wine

Wine exploration never stops

After a half century, the American Wine Society is still going strong, and growing every year. The subject of wine is nearly limitless and touches on geography, history, sociology, and science. Wine has survived civilizations, war, and famine. It has accompanied explorers, homesteaders, kings, and commoners; both in daily living, and in our most exceptional celebrations.

Come discover wine with AWS!

2018 Board of Directors

Kristin Casler Kraft

Perkiomen Valley Chapter, PA
Member since 1996
Kristin has been a wine aficionado since she spent a semester in Paris during college. Her mission is to continually broaden her wine knowledge and to share that knowledge. She has been a certified AWS judge since 2010, and has judged amateur and commercial competitions around the country. Kristin served several years as chapter chair and vice chair. A former wine columnist, she still occasionally writes about wine.

Joseph Broski

Princeton Chapter, NJ
Member since 1998
Joe developed an insatiable curiosity about wine in his late 20s (pre-internet days) and had the good fortune a few years later to meet others who shared his passion. He joined the AWS in 1998, and progressed through the leadership roles. Today, Joe belongs to several local, regional, and national wine groups. His reviews of books on wine can be found on Vacations are not without winery tours in the European countryside.

Leanne Wheeler

Hartford Area Chapter, CT
Member since 2011
Leanne is an AWS Certified Wine Judge and has completed levels one and two of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) program, passing both with distinction. Leanne is a wine educator and serves as an instructor at Manchester Community College as well as for Level 1 of the AWS Super Tasting Series. Most recently, Leanne took on the role of competition director for the Amenti del Vino Annual International Wine competition. She enjoys traveling to wine regions to satiate her thirst for knowledge.

Thomas Wallman

Dayton Chapter, OH
Member since 1996

Joseph Dautlick
Director of Competitions

Laurel Highland Chapter, PA
Member since 1999
Joe is an American Wine Society Certified Wine Judge and teaches in the AWS Judge Training Program. This is his second term as Director of Competitions. Joe has judged and organized many commercial and amateur wine competitions. He also is a panelist in the Pennsylvania Wine Quality Initiative. His passion is education, actively lecturing to groups interested in developing competent wine evaluation skills, focusing on sensory and fault identification, as well as food and wine pairing. Joe holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Jay Bileti
Director of Member Services

Sonoita Chapter, AZ
Member since 1993
Jay has been closely involved with wine since he was a child (helping both of his Italian grandfathers make wine). He worked his way through college as a restaurant wine steward and retail wine sales clerk. He is one of four International Wine Masters in the world. He has studied viticulture and winemaking around the world, is very active on the wine competition circuit and has written for multiple wine publications.
He previously served as RVP of Arizona and as a chapter chair.

Aaron Mandel
Director of Education

St. Louis Chapter, MO
Member since 2008
Aaron is a wine educator, wine judge and student of wine. He started his formal wine education with the Society of Wine Educator's Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) in 2008. He earned AWS Wine Judge Certification in 2011 and took over running the program in 2012. Aaron has judged numerous competitions in the United States and annually judges the International Wine Challenge in London. He has taught WSET and CSW classes and worked as both an instructor and mentor for students in the sommelier program (although he spills too much wine to teach service). He has earned his Diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and is currently enrolled in the Master of Wine Program.

David Falchek
Executive Director

Electric City Chapter, PA
Member since 1999

Katherine Kearney
Member Service Manager

Electric City Chapter, PA
Member since 2016
Katie Kearney joined the National Office staff as the Member Service Manager in December of 2016. Prior to her time with the AWS Katie has worked at several non-profits since beginning her professional career in 2009. She worked in neighborhood revitalization, adult literacy and ESL. She spent the early part of her career working in the museum field. Katie has a history degree from Wilkes University, loves to knit, travels to historic sites whenever she has time and enjoys cooking for her family and friends.

AWS Educational Foundation

Operating seperately from its parent American Wine Society organization, the American Wine Society Educational Foundation (AWSEF) advances the viticultural and enological sciences to achieve a world-class North American wine industry. The Foundation relies on AWS members to help provide academic scholarships and research grants to full-time graduate students in North America based on academic excellence and genuine interest in pursuing careers in wine-related fields.

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AWS 2017
Award of Merit

The Frank Family

The Frank Family, which has pioneered wine quality in New York, received the American Wine Society Award of Merit in 2017 on the occasion of the organization’s 50th National Conference.

The AWS was founded by Dr. Konstantin Frank, a pioneering vintner and visionary, who received the first Award of Merit from the organization in 1971. The three generations of Franks to follow Konstantin at Dr. Konstantin Frank winery have continued to lead and inspire with ever-increasing quality and innovation. Willibald Frank streamlined and professionalized the winery, launching the sparkling wine division and being an ardent advocate for all Finger Lakes wine. Fred Frank continued making quality advancements and refined the Frank house-style. Fourth generation Meaghan Frank has burnished the brand presence, expanded its range, and forged closer ties with consumers.

Other members of the Frank family, to be sure, have constructed their talents to the family legacy, helping solidify Dr. Konstantin Frank winery position as an industry leader.

November 6, 2017

Konstantin Frank, 1971 Hudson Cattell, 1991 Gordon Murchie 2011
Charles Fournier, 1972 Andrew C. Rice, 1992 Jim Bernau 2012
Leon D. Adams, 1973 Vernon L. Singleton, 1993 Dick Naylor 2013
Willard B. Robinson, 1974 Lucie T. Morton, 1994 Gina Gallo 2014
Philip and Jocelyn Wagner, 1975 Alex and Louisa Hargrave, 1995 Chuck Wagner 2015
Maynard A. Amerine, 1976 Warren Winiarski, 1996

Peter Mondavi Sr.


G. Hamilton Mowbray, 1977 Arnulf W. Esterer, 1997  
Harold P. Olmo, 1978 Vincent Petrucci, 1998  
George W.B. Hostetter, 1979 Justin Morris, 1999  
Andre Tchelistcheff, 1980 Ann C. Noble, 2000  
Alexander Brailow, 1981 Peter M.F. Sichel, 2001  
Robert Mondavi, 1982 Marian Baldy, 2002  
Louis P. Martini, 1983 Sharron McCarthy, 2003  
Douglas and Marlene Moorhead, 1984 Jonathan Newman, 2004  
James F. Gallander, 1985 Miljenko "Mike” Grgich, 2005  
Philip Hiaring, 1986 Angel Nardone, 2006  
Richard P. Vine, 1987 Jacques Recht, 2007  
Harriet Lembeck, 1988 Kent Rosemblum, 2008  
Charles M. Crawford, 1989 Zelma Long, 2009  
Nelson J. Shaulis, 1990 Eric & Lee Miller 2010  

AWS 2017 Outstanding
Member Award

Peter Cisek

In recognition of his many years of service, the American Wine Society celebrates the contributions of Peter Cisek by presenting him our 2017 Outstanding Member Award. His numerous contributions to AWS include

  • AWS member for two decades
  • Chair of Waterbury, CT chapter
  • Former Director of Educational Services, leading our Wine Judge Certification Program
  • Spearheaded AWS web and digital program
  • A constant advocate and supporter of AWS over the years

Peter, working with other Board Members, worked tirelessly in difficult times to keep the keep the American Wine Society, viable. His record of services speaks volumes about his dedication to American Wine Society.

Margaret Jackisch, 1976
Ed Van Dyne, 1991
Alcide (Al) L. Porell, 2006
Aldus Fogelsanger, 1977
Alton L. Long, 1992
Robert (Bob) Miller, 2007
J. Edward Schmidt, 1978
Linda M. King, 1993
Willis Parker, 2008
Albert W. Laubengayer, 1979
J. Randy Hurteau, 1994
Alexis Hartung, 2009
John McGrew, 1980
Thoms C. Iezzi, 1995
Tom Castronovo 2010
Philip F. Jackisch, 1981
Hal Kohn, Jr., 1996
Dave Barber, 2011
Richard J. Cooper, 1982
John and Anne Stavisky, 1997
Joyce Vecchiolli, 2012
George McRory, 1983
Matt and Carol Kristofik, 1998
Samuel D. Streiff 2013
Elmer S. Phillips, 1984
Raymond A. Hartung, Jr., 1999
Les Sperling 2014
Marvin J. Yiengst, 1985
Eugene J. Spazini, 2000
Pam Davey 2015
Robert T. Olsen, 1986
John (Mick) Hasson, 2001
 Tom King 2016
Richard D. Scheer, 1987
Tao Porchon-Lynch, 2002
 Peter Cisek, 2017
Jane H. Moulton, 1988
George Wilson, 2003
Karl A. Northrup, 1989
Frederic Butcher, 2004
Elizabeth M. Lincoln, 1990
Kenneth P. Brewer, 2005


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